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Are Laws Being Broken?

Biden Admin is shipping illegals across the US in the dead of the night to hide the border crisis? Click Here for Story

And There You Go…

Biden’s Pentagon spent more time worrying about wokism than China’s technology now we are behind in weaponry Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Head Should Know: Links Upset Parents With ‘Shaming, Intimidation And Bullying’

MEA president not happy with tense school board meetings on face masks and race-based curriculums

What ARE Schools Teaching?

IS your child’s school teaching this outrageous curriculum? Click Here for Details

A Win for the People …And the Constitution

Southwest Airlines caves on forcing the vaccine mandate on its employees Click Here for Details

Can Manchin Hold Out?

Manchin: Carbon tax 'not on the board' for Biden spending plan

Will Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema hold out against the spending nonsense of the Democrats Click Here for Story

Turning Into Venezuela?

Bare shelves in the USA? Yes thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrat policies they are pushing Click Here for Story

Guess Who Isn’t Forced to Take the Vaccine?

Democrat President Joe Biden.  (Getty Images)

Big chunks of the Federal government that’s who Click Here for Details

FBI Still Pushing Russia Narrative?

FBI wastes time on Russia when China is winning a silent war against the US on all fronts Click Here for Details

California To Blame for Supply Chain Issues?

Bad state policies can hurt an entire nation Click Here for Story

More Election Corruption?

Raphael Warnock

Why did Georgia state employees take paid time off to campaign for a Democrat Senate candidate ? Click Here for Details

Can The World Save Taiwan?

The US shouldn’t be the only country to help defend Taiwan from the Communist Chinese expansion Click Here for Story

Biden Helping China Spy on America?

Why is the Biden Admin buying Chinese drones for the US? Click Here for Details

Even Russia Knows Better…

China IS building up offensive nuclear weapons to use against the world Click Here for Story

Disney Joins the Destruction of Children Movement

Gender neutral nonsense promoted by Disney companies Click Here for Story

Destroying Chicago

Mayor Lightfoot wants even less cops on the streets of her crime ridden city Click Here for Story

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