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Have Democrats Completely Destroyed America’s Energy Independence?


Or can voters save us from Democrat destruction? Click Here for Story

Creepy Joe

Pedo Joe does it again as he creeps on young children at White Hose event Click Here for Details and Video

Gov. Whitmer’s grocery giveaway is no October surprise

Publicly, President Biden says U.S. economy is ‘strong as hell,’ but privately, he approved additional food assistance for needy families

Hypocrite Hillary

Hillary Clinton denied Donald Trumps legitimate election, defends Joe Biden’s suspicious election and is already looking to deny Republicans a win in upcoming elections Click Here for Story

Michigan had the worst COVID lockdowns, yet more deaths than other states

Gov. Whitmer shut down the economy and schools more than Indiana, Ohio or WisconsinRead more

Hmm Another High Profile Heart Attack?

Is this just another coincidence or part of the growing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Click Here for Details

2020 was Rigged?

Looks like voters are doubling down on America First candidates after they feel the 2020 election WAS stolen? Click Here for Story

Canada’s Only Honest Province?

New Premiere of Alberta apologizes for Covid Vaccine passports Click Here for Details

How Much Longer Will the US Allow George Soros to Buy Elections?

Proof showing Soros is installing Prosecutors across the US is getting larger by the day Click Here for Details

Democrats Growing More Violent

Marco Rubio canvasser in Florida attacked Click Here for Story

The 11 States That Really Protect Children So Far…

Just because the CDC is making money on childhood vaccinations doesn’t mean they can force the states to mandate useless vaccines Click Here for Details

Jihadis At the Border

Biden’s open door policy is letting more than illegal immigrants into the country Click Here for Story

Pennsylvania Red?

Could Pennsylvania Governor and Senate race go the Republicans? Click Here for Details

Uncomfortable Truth

Israel doesn’t want to send weapons to Ukraine because…they could end up in Iran or other terrorist groups? Click Here for Story

Dirty Stacy

Stacey Abrams

Georgia Democrat Stacy Abrams is funneling millions of campaign cash to her campaign Chairs legal firm? Click Here for Details

Americans Are Seeing Past the Media’s Support of the January 6th Sham Committee

Journalist gets “surprised” that voters know that January 6th was a set up planned by Democrats? Click Here for Story and Video

RUH ROH, What’s Up With Katy Perry’s Eye Issue?

Is this another celebrity vaccine injury ? Click Here for Details

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