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Thanks Joe…For Screwing Us All

Joe Biden wants to revoke Section 230 - The Verge

Biden takes victory lap with his idiotic so called “Inflation Reduction Act” while the economy and Wall Street ( And American’s retirements ) drops 1200 points Click Here for Details

Blame the Democrats

America’s economic woes are completely the fault of Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Why Are America’s Food Plants Being Destroyed?

Are we already at war and with who? Click Here for Details

Schools Abusing Children

Starting sex-ed in kindergarten? Click Here for Story

Bidenflation Continues

Biden policies are leading to inflation even though a temporary lull in demand has brought fuel prices down Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Are we close to discovering alien life? Click Here for Story

Can Alaska Choose Right?

Candidate Buzz Kelley drops campaign to support MAGA candidate Kelly Tshibaka Click Here for Story

Not Your Friend

Economic Impact Payments on their way, visit instead of calling |  AZBio

The IRS has never been liked by the American taxpayer and its only going to get worse under Democrats Click Here for Details

Vaccines Are Worse Than Covid

New Study from Harvard/JohnHopkins shows Covid vaccines are 98 times worse than Covid itself Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Democrats

Patty Murray slams opponent for questioning election results but she’s done it herself Click Here for Details

Is America Ready for China Taiwan Conflict?

If China invades Taiwan, America has a real problem? Click Here for Story

Kamala The Divider

VP likens Trump supporters to 8/11 Terrorists Click Here for Story

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