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Big Step for Peace in Middle East

Trump Admin gets peace deal signed between UAE, Bahrain and Israel Click Here for Details

As It Should…

CIA Director worried that Durham investigation into wrongdoing by some CIA staff would be a nightmare for the agency Click Here for Story

COVID-19 Hospitalization Cases Now 2,100 Less Than On April 30

Read more

Lockdowns Were Unnecessary?

Sweden’s results without lockdown speaks for itself Click Here for Details

Official Michigan Regional Virus Risk Map Out Of Date 

‘Map colors reflect official risk levels…’ – not anymore Read more

Senate Anti-Trust Hearing…

For Google? Click Here for Details

District Alleges Teacher Shortage, Fires Pro-Trump Teacher Over ‘Liberals Suck’ Tweet

Teacher was twice rated ‘highly effective’ by district Read more

The Democrat’s Real Candidate

Kamala Harris talks about her Harris Administration? Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh Joe

FBI raids Biden Campaign surrogate over sex with minor allegation Click Here for Story

Same Old Dems

Biden calls for gun control after Sheriff deputies shot by criminal Click Here for Story

America’s Biggest Threat?

Democrats Are Trying To Threaten Their Way Into Power

The left and Dmeocrats are the biggest threat to America Click Here for Details

Targeting Republicans?

Aide to GOP candidate opposing Ilhan Omar is murdered Click Here for Story

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