The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday September 20, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Blame Pelosi?

January 6th was Nancy Pelosi’s fault? Click Here for Story

UAW president threatens to escalate strike

Fain sets Sept. 22 deadline, warns that strike will expand

Its So Wrong but Everyone Does It??…

At least according to Democrat Governor Newsom Click Here for Story

DTE to bury Detroit power lines in ‘strategic’ pilot

Southeast Michigan energy monopoly says areas with underground power lines have 30% more reliable energyRead more

Making America Look Bad

Once again Democrats are lowering the bar Click Here for Details

The Surrender Speech

Biden’s useless speech at the UN shows how pathetic we have become Click Here for Story

Finally, Charges Against Ray Epps?

Minimal to placate the masses ? Click Here for Story

Government May Block Life Savings Drugs?

The next plandemic may see government again banning the drugs that actually work Click Here for Details

Hmmmm… Warning of Disaster?

Why is FEMA and TSA warning travelers of impending disaster? Click Here for Details

Ukraine Imprisons US Journalist?

And we are sending Ukraine money why? Click Here for Story

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