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Still Leading the GOP

Trump commands at CPAC Click Here for Story

Destroying America

The Equality Act will destroy what remains of normal American values and target Christians, Freedom of Speech and societal norms Click Here for Story

Pressure Mounts on Cuomo

Yet another allegation against Governor of New York Click Here for Story

Berkeley’s Robert Reich Complains About CEO Pay, Collected $300k To Teach Three Classes

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49% Of Charter School Kids Black; State Civil Rights Commission Says Fund Them At 75%

Where Will It Stop?

Bill Maher warns about the growing cancel culture nonsense Click Here for Story

State GOPs Aren’t Tolerating Never Trumpers

Senator Ben Sasse rebuked for his impeachment vote Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh?

El Chapo’s wife could turn evidence against cartels? Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Fund Covid Relief for China??

TOPSHOT - This picture taken on October 10, 2017 shows a party flag of the Chinese Communist Party displayed at an exhibition showcasing China's progress in the past five years at the Beijing Exhibition Center.

Pelosi and Dems prevent amendment that would prevent sending money to China Click Here for Story

Pushing the Fear

What’s behind the cover up , fearmongering and confusing message on Covid? Click Here for Details

Corrupted UN

UN seems to be condoning China’s human rights abuses? Click Here for Story

Bankrupting America

The latest spending bill will be just the tip of the debt iceberg Democrats have planned Click Here for Details

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