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Dumbing Down America

Virginia drops advanced math class because of inequality? Click Here for Story

Another Dirty Judge?

Corrupt politics hits Arizona courts again Click Here for Story

Teacher Turnover Might Be Less If Schools Complied With Mentoring and Training Requirements

Audit finds districts can’t show they offered the skills-boosting help they’re supposed to provide Read more

Detroit Cop Claims And Gets Paid For 12 Plus Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year

Seven others paid amount equal to 11-hour days — every day of the year Read more

Postal Spying?

Why is the US Post Office spying on Americans? Click Here for Details

Follow The Money

Who is profiting from the vaccine push? Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Hates the Truth

Since when is truth and transparency dangerous to the American public?Click Here for Story

Race Baiters

the corporate left inflames violence Click Here for Story

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