Thursday April 11, 2019

Trump Campaign WAS Spied On

AG Barr says spying happened Click Here for Details

More Measles

Michigan getting more measles cases Click Here for Details

Roads going for less than $2.5 billion

Pitch for spending starts at $1.9 billion

Tax Sales Boost County Budgets, But Do They Violate Owners’ Rights?

Counties sell properties and keep entire amount, though taxes owed may be less

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Students are getting triggered more often Click Here for Details

Democrat House Wants to Control the Internet

More socialism from the Democrats Click Here for Story

Bibi Rules

Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to become the longest-serving Israeli prime minister Netanyahu wins re-election Click Here for Details

Hillary Investigation Was Compromised?

FBI Lawyers was worried after reading Page Strzok texts Click Here for Story

Apologist Joe

Biden channels Obama and begins new apology tour? Click Here for Story

Got Facebook? Go to Jail

China arresting people with Facebook app Click Here for Details

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