Thursday April 18, 2019

Here We Go

Mueller Report available on Thursday Click Here for Story

Back to the Samo?

North Korea tests a weapon? Click Here for Details

Barr Ensures DOJ Integrity

Even Rod Rosenstein  says Barr has integrity Click Here for Story

Happy Tax Freedom Day, Michigan!

It took Michiganders 105 days to earn enough income to pay all their taxes this year.

Consultant: Green Jobs A ‘Lobbying Effort,’ Not Real Data

Activists claim 240,000 solar jobs, federal data indicates 3,295

Obamas Continue Their Attacks

Michelle ups her attacks on POTUS Click Here for Story

Long Shot?

Dems pinning hopes on the first open gay President? Click Here for Story

A Lib with Common Sense?

Andrew Yang mocks the media for their Trump coverage Click Here for Story



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