Thursday April 23, 2020 The DailyDrift.Com

Democrats Ruining the Economy

Millions of unemployed is on the Democrat Party Click Here for Story

Know Your Surface

How to treat surfaces in the age of Corona Click Here for Details

Lockdown Threatens His Labor Of 12 Years, Their Livelihoods, Her Education

Grand Rapids coffee roaster not optimistic if economy still closed after May 1

Congressional Criminal

Proof piles up against Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Click Here for Details

It Was 25 Year Ago Today – Michigan’s Big Corporate Welfare Experiment

Marking a MEGA Anniversary

Bankruptcy for States?

Senator McConnel favors allowing states to go bankrupt? Click Here for Details

Drawing a Line in the Gulf

POTUS tells Navy to sink harassing Iranian patrol boats if they come too close Click Here for Story

Kim Jong Un’s Replacement?

Will his sister take over if Kim Jong Un dies? Click Here for Details

The Government Can’t Save the Economy

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) at an April 21 news conference. (Photo: Screen capture)Only the economy can save itself…by re-opening Click Here for Story

France Wants Rights Suspended?

Your rights no longer matter to the government of France Click Here for Details

Democrat Tyrants

Progressivism is just another name for fascism Click Here for Story

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