Thursday April 27, 2017

Time to Stop the Dictatorship of the Courts

Could the nasty 9th Circuit be broken up? Click Here for Story and Video

Finally The Speed Will Increase

Where speed limits in Michigan will finally go up Click Here for Story

Excessive Lawmaking Road to ‘Regiment Every Aspect of Society and Commerce’

 The Michigan Legislature in a recent week had its members propose adding 83 new laws to the state’s statutes. … more


Larry Reed Versus ‘Smug, Arrogant, Self-Righteous, PC, Campus Insanity’

  On American university campuses these days, it takes very little to be bullied and condemned as a “racist.” At the University of Colorado-Denver campus, apparently, a lecture about ancient Rome qualifies – depending on who is delivering it. … more

Maxine  the Hypocrite

Maxine Waters touts Trump connections to Russia, but has some of her ownComplains about alleged Trump Russian  connections but has her own? Click Here for Story

Big Briefing

White House briefs entire Senate on North Korean situation Click Here for Details and Video

Time To Tell The UN to Leave

UN contacted Trump administration on ObamaCare repeal: report UN tells Trump Admin that getting rid of Obamacare would violate international law? Click Here for Story

Big Tax Cuts

Trump tax plan is huge despite criticisms Click Here for Story and Video

Real or Bluff?

North Korea held massive live-fire artillery drills on Tuesday as it marked the anniversary of the founding of its military North Korea goes with live fire drills Click Here for Details

Undoing Obama

Trump orders review of Obama’s national monument declarations Click Here for Story

Populism Rising

Moderate French candidate mocked by workers Click Here for Details



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