Thursday April 3, 2014

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Another Shooting at Ft Hood Click Here for Story

Obama Touts Minimum Wage Hike as Answer to Country’s Ills?

  President doubles down on job killing agenda in front of UofM students Click Here for Details

See Who Is Running for Mike Roger’s Seat

Dems and Republicans throw hats in the ring Click Here for Story

Superintendent Says District Worse Off Despite Getting More Overall State Money

Kalamazoo superintendent ignores tens of millions of dollars to make his case

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Kalamazoo Public Schools get about $53 more per student in state funding this year than the district received in 2010-2011. Yet Michael Rice, the district’s superintendent, said in a recent column in Bridge Magazine that the Kalamazoo schools and others across the state were better off three years ago.  … more

Right-to-Work States See Larger Gains

Personal income and population growth numbers released

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The 2013 state personal income data was released recently and it has some good news for Michigan. The state had the 9th best performance among the states from 2012 to 2013. … more


  Supreme Court strikes down overall limit on political contributions Click Here for Details

Pay Attention?!

Brazen attack on California power station is not getting the coverage it should Click Here for Details

Phony Victory Lap?

  Obama Admin celebrates supposed 7 million sign up for Obamacare Click Here for Story

Krauthammer: The Enrollment Number is Phony

Misinformation capmpaign by the White House Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

   State Dept wants to spend how much on what? Click Here for Details

8.2 Hits Chile

   Violent quake rocks South America Click Here for Details

From the Science Side?…

  Amid all the recent earthquake activity animals are allegedly  fleeing Yellowstone National Park Click Here for Story

And More Common Core Non-Sense

   Remove some Rights from Constitution and add others? Click Here for Story

Border Patrol Needs More Support

  Obama Admin not letting BOrder Agents defend the border or temselves Click Here for Details

Pushing for Amnesty

Will the House tackle amnesty before elections? Click Here for Story




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