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Ooooh Not So Fast Joe…

Evidence Casts Doubt on Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegations of ... NY Times disputes that is exonerated Joe Biden on the Tara Reade allegation Click Here for Details

Guessing on Covid?

Michigan county is conting Covid cases without test results Click Here for Story

Whitmer Can Impose Face Mask Mandate, Can’t Waive Misdemeanor Penalty

The law’s the law

His Personal Finance Business Started Making Strides — Then Came Epidemic

‘All trying to cope as best we can’

Open Up!

Elon Musk's coronavirus journey, from Twitter to Tesla: A timeline ... Even Elon Musk says America must reopen Click Here for Details

Another Promising Drug?

New Remdesivir testing goes well Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Democrat

Bill de Blasio is running for president: New Yorkers react - Curbed NY New York City Mayor DeBlasio singling out Jews? Click Here for Details

DOJ vs States?

(Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)AG Barr puts states on notice for violating Constitution with lock down orders Click Here for Details

Democrats Defend WHO

Incompetence or corruption? Doesn’t matter Dems love it Click Here for Story

Facebook Goes WAAAAY  Left

Now helping radical leftist agenda Click Here for Details

Operation Warp Speed

Trump Administration Plans 'Operation Warp Speed' to Fast-Track Vaccine Fast tracking Corona vaccines Click Here for Story

Lockdowns Will Affect Food Supply

Time to reopen is now Click Here for Details

Just a Loser

Who is Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who will respond to Trump's ... Democrat Congressman hits Stacy Abrams for pushing herself as VP choice Click Here for Details

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