Thursday April 4, 2019

Dirty Dems

FEC says Ocasio-Cortez ran a subsidy scheme to fund campaign? Click Here for Story

Former Teacher Now Legislator Claims ‘Massive School Disinvestment’

But her old district is getting much more

Call to Roll Back Third-Grade Reading Law Misguided

State should follow through and replicate successful reforms to boost reading

Supporting POTUS

Hollywood’s Isaiah Washington says Trump is helping the black community Click Here for Story

Dems Won’t Give Up the Russian Collusion Scam

Now they don’t believe Mueller Click Here for Details

Migrants Unstoppable?

Jorge Ramos says the migrants can’t be stopped just open the border Click Here for Details

Illegals Cause Crime?

 Federal courts on border lead nation in convictions Click Here for Story

Ohio Mulls Giving Its Voter’s Voice Away

ZANESVILLE, OH - NOVEMBER 06: People cast their votes at the Central Trinity United Methodist Church polling location on November 6, 2018 in Zanesville, Ohio. Turnout is expected to be high nationwide as Democrats hope to take back control of at least one chamber of Congress. (Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty …Bill would award electoral votes to the popular vote winner Click Here for Details

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