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Fake News in Michigan

CBS set up Corona virus testing story Click Here for Details

How Corrupt Was the Obama Admin?

Rand Paul goes after Obama Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Lawless Attorney General

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Putting politics before the law Michigan AG tells officers to enforce the EO and ignore the Constitution Click Here for Details

Whitmer Insists Travel Restriction Is Science-Based, Gives Rationale That Isn’t

USA Today said ‘no evidence’ virus spreads from gas pump handles

Ignoring Science

Democrat governors are ignoring real science to continue lock downs Click Here for Story

Face Masks A Flashpoint; Ohio Reverses Course

Read more

Ginsburg in Hospital?

Justice Ginsburg hearing arguments while in the hospital Click Here for Details

The Fat Gene

Have scientists found the fat gene? Click Here for Story

Opiate of the Masses? Why Is Government Pushing Liquor Sales?

Nationwide, calls are growing to reopen churches. Here, the protest took place in San Diego on May 1. One Virginia church is suing the Commonwealth in federal court. (Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP via Getty Images) But churches are closed? Click Here for Details

New Saliva Test

Corona testing could be much quicker Click Here for Story

Out of Control Cops?

More video of police using no common sense in arresting people Click Here for Details

Illusion of Risk

Whats riskier than the virus? Click Here for Story

Fear of Covid is What Will Destroy US

The cure has become worse than the disease Click Here for Details

Back to Normal

Germany accelerates return to normal Click Here for Story

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