Thursday April 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS is Correct

Bernie Sanders drops out because DNC wanted him to? Click Here for Details

Michigan Updates

The latest on Coronavirus in Michigan Click Here for Story

For Some Small Business Owners, Shut Down May Mean Forever

‘It’s just up in the air,’ says owner of gardening store

Upside of Coronavirus

Companies are pulling out of China Click Here for Details

Parents, Teachers Must Collaborate to Help Special-Needs Learners

Distance learning brings both challenges and opportunities

Backing Off…

Fauci says death toll estimates may have been too high Click Here for Story and Video

Forcing Vaccine?

Will the Federal government try to force mandatory vaccines? Click Here for Details

Ignorant Democrat

TDS stricken state representative in Ohio wants to report POTUS to world court for endorsing the drug that works against Coronavirus? Click Here for Story

Coronavirus Origins

or Click Here for Video

House Cats Transmit Covid 19?

Are house cats getting infected and can they transmit it to humans? Click Here for Story


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