Thursday August 13, 2015

Breaking: Help Find Missing Person

The Northfield Township Police Department is seeking your help in locating a missing “at risk” person: Justin Grant Perich, 34, W/M 6’1″ 200lbs. wearing a Gray shirt, black short and grey shoes  Last seen: He was last seen leaving the Shell Gas Station at 60 N Territorial Road on Aug 11 at 4:00 p.m.  Justin came into the Gas Station and purchased some items and was last seen walking away from that location on foot. Justin left his vehicle at the gas station.  Michigan State Police helicopter is searching the area as well as K-9. Instructions: If you have information that can assist in helping safely locate Justin Perich, please call the Northfield Township Police at 734-449-9911 or 734-994-2911.

Despite Big Funding Some Teachers Still Complain?

Michigan’s education performance doesn’t live up to the money we spend Click Here for Details

Oil Industry Game Playing

Midwest will get socked with huge gas pump increases Click Here for Story

Michigan Grapples With Fewest Number of Students in Decades

Michigan’s public schools have seen a decline in enrollment for 12 consecutive years.  … more


  Now State Rep says he was being blackmailed? Click Here for Story

Michigan Schools Receive Over $12,500 Per Student

Over the past 20 years total funding per student in Michigan’s K-12 public school system has increased substantially, even when adjusted for inflation. … more

Why Not Charges?

  Top secret emails on Hillary’s private server why aren’t charges being brought? CLick Here for Story

ISIS Claims Major Hack

Will post names and addresses of US military members? Click Here for Details

Sanders Beating Hillary in New Hampshire?

Polls put Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

Cold and Hot

Russian soldiers during a rehearsal for Victory Day   Are Cold War adversaries stoking it up in Europe? Click Here for Details

Transparency? Not When it Comes to Debt

Federal Debt clock now frozen for 150m days Click Here for Story

Currency War Starting?

china  China’s currency devaluation will hurt global economy? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

©  Cambridge University    Robots that can now reproduce Click Here for Story

Political Payback

Strains of algae are shown in the strain room of Solazyme in South San Francisco, Calif.  Democratic donors get military to pay $149 a gallon for “green ” fuel Click Here for Cronyism

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