Thursday August 16, 2018

Propaganda News

Mainstream Media coordinating attacks on POTUS and those who support him Click Here for Story

State Corporate Welfare Didn’t Work For Greenville

Centerpiece of previous governor’s economic policy, has also been favored by current candidates

Pawlenty Cries The Blues

Breaking: Tim Pawlenty blames ‘Trump era’ after shocking upset in Minnesota primaryHating Trump will only get you unelected? Click Here for Story

MidTerm Strategy?

GOP finally getting a plan together? Click Here for Details

1st Transgendered Governor?

Transgender Female winds Dem primary for Vermont Click Here for Story


Media ignored Omarosa until she became a Trump hater Click Here for Details

Russia Collusion  With Trump Has No Credibility

Any credibility has dried up Click Here for Story

What Strzok Firing Means

Mueller investigation compromised from the start Click Here for Details and Video

Why We Need Space Force

Russian President Vladimir Putin  Russian satellite is weaponized? Click Here for Story




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