Thursday August 27, 2015

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What The….?

alison-parker-vester-flanagan-adam-ward  How do we describe this heinous murder? Click Here for Details

Return of The Bronco

Ford Bronco concept   Rumors still swirl about re-birth of the Ford Bronco Click Here for Details

The Most Redneck Cities in Michigan

Where does your city hit the list? Click Here for Details

Teacher Left Michigan Education Association and Has No Regrets

Rosemary Stawasz, a special education teacher with the Van Buren Intermediate School District, worried about what would happen if she exercised her new right to not be forced to financially support the local teachers union. … more

Michigan House Passes Package Repealing Outdated Laws

There are over 3,000 criminal statutes in Michigan, but a recent unanimous vote in the Michigan House will trim that number, eliminating several outdated laws in the first step toward simplifying the state’s enormous penal code. … more

Biden Can Thank GOP?

Will GOP investigations into Hillary’s email problems give Joe a shot a Presidency? Click Here for Details 

Reporters Shot Live on Air

WBDJ-TV Gunman now dead after killing tow reporters Click Here for Story

White House Hypocrites on Gun Violence

They ignore black on black urban violence everyday but take rare cases out of context Click Here for Details

For Every Action…

Stock Markets skyrockets after two days of huge drops Click Here for Details and Video

Congressional Betrayal

  How Congress has not only failed but betrayed us Click Here for Story

Your Money…Their Waste

You won’t believe the Federal Government’s waste  Click Here for Story  and Here for Another

Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Children to Be Released

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine agents patrol along the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border  Thanks Obama the immigration outrage hits new highs Click Here for Story


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