Thursday August 9, 2018

The Dirt Is Finally Coming Out

New emails are showing FBI corruption and its own ties to Russia? Click Here for Story

NMU Wants $4,600 to Look Up and Send Salary Data

It’s online at U of M; in new state budget, Northern Michigan University gets $47,998,400

China’s War on Christianity

Chinese President Xi’s regime intensifies crackdowns on ChristianityIts not just Islamic extremists waging war on Christians Click Here for Details

News Story

$8.4 Million Per Year for U-M Diversity Employees

Of nearly 100 full-time ‘diversicrats,’ 26 get more than $100,000 Click Here for Details

Grasping at Straws

Dems see wider path to House after tight Ohio raceDemocrats spin another loss as prelude to “Blue Wave” ? Click Here for Story


Democrats blaming Green Party space alien for Ohio loss? Click Here for Details

Build the Damn Wall

Illegal released from Sanctuary City raped a child Click Here for Story

Yes Build It!

 How many illegals apprehended at Wall? Click Here for Details

Pelosi Admits Democrats Want to Help Illegals

Nancy Pelosi gavel (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)Voting for Democrats gives illegals leverage ? Click Here for Story

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