Thursday December 19, 2013

New Jersey Gets Downgraded

   Black Eye for Chris Christie? Click Here for Story

More Reporting on U of M Salaries

Facts from the salary report Click Here for Details

Chamber in the Middle?

Dems point to Brighton Chamber in abortion debate Click Here for Story

 State Board of Ed Member Interjects Herself Into Negotiations Between Union, Charter School Operator

Michelle Fecteau is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A State Board of Education member is using her influence and getting involved in a local dispute between a union and charter public school operator. Not only do board guidelines suggest this is outside the scope of the board’s job, but the member, Michelle Fecteau, is an officer in a union connected with the group negotiating with the school. … more

Documentary: The Highland Park Transformation

Highland Park schools were failing, but a charter school company is turning things around

A few years ago, the school district in Highland Park got nearly $20,000 per student, the highest in the state and 70 percent more than the average Michigan district. Yet the schools were filthy, walls and ceilings were collapsing and rodents were running through the building. The district was overspending, which led to a massive deficit, an emergency manager, and eventual switch to a charter public school system. Today, students and parents are proud of their schools and test scores have improved. … more

Realities of a Post Nuclear Senate

   Nominees can now ignore Senators in the minority Click Here for Details

Judge Not Happy with Obama Admin

Judge orders disclosure of document hidden by Obama Admin Click Here for Story

Ryan Won’t Run?

  Congressman allegedly not running for President in 2016 Click Here for Details

Democrats Care More for Illegals than US Veterans

  Cut cost of living increase for vets instead of closing loopholes for illegal aliens Click Here for Story

Saudis to Go It Alone?

   Will independently back Syrian Rebels Click Here for Details

The Ad Dems Should Fear

This ad may really hurt Dems in 2014 election Click Here for Story and Video

China Hacked Election Commission?

  FEC site attacked by Chinese Hackers Click Here for Story

We Spent How Much?

Guess how much we spent on paying full salaries for furloughed NON-ESSENTIAL federal workers Click Here for Details and other wastes.

Food Inflation

Ground Beef prices hits all time high Click Here for Story

NSA Spying Cost Boeing a Contract?

Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter.(Reuters / Patrick Tragardh )    Brazil awards fighter plane contract to Swedens’ SAAB instead of US’s BOeing over the NSA debacle Click Here for Story

 Ouch! German Chancellor Goes Off on NSA Spying

  Angela Merkel doesn’t hold off on criticizing US  spying Click Here for Details

And Will Obama Order NSA to Backdown?

   Committee makes recommendation Click Here for Story

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