Thursday December 20, 2018

Fed Inches Upward

Another quarter pint interest hike but vows to slow in 2019 Click Here for Details

Criminal Justice Reform

Bipartisan support for Trump agenda item Click Here for Story

Unionizing Charter Schools Goes Nowhere In Michigan

The failure may explain why Democrats oppose charters


Liberal Media personality gives POTUS credit for something Click Here for Details

National Charter School Critic Paints Flawed, Muddled Picture Of Detroit Education Landscape

Invalid to lump Detroit charter performance in with Detroit’s district schools

Border Wall Funding Pushed Back

Stop Gap measure will push border wall funding fight back to February Click Here for Story

US Troops Leaving Syria

POTUS decides to pull US forces from Syrian conflict Click Here for Details

Americans Want the Wall

1/3 willing to pitching money to build it Click Here for Story

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