Thursday December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve!

Help Homeless Veterans

The greatest gift is to help those who put it on the line for us Click Here for Details

Don’t Blame Employees for Pension Underfunding

It is unfortunate that government employees are often blamed for underfunded government pension systems. When concerns are raised that retirement systems owe members billions more than has been saved, high-earners and early retirees are viewed as the culprits. Policymakers in return cut the generosity of the plans. Yet these policy reforms will not fix the basic problems faced by pension systems. … more

Black Lives Matter Looks to Disrupt the Holidays

 Racist group tries to block Mall of the Americas and and airport Click Here for Details

Gullible Ryan?

Reid’s promise to Ryan prompts skepticism from Republicans  Should Ryan have believed Harry Reid’s promises? Click Here for Details and Video

Why Won’t US Support Kurds?

Best fighters against ISIS aren’t getting help from Washington Click Here for Story

Wannabe Panderer in Chief

Hispanics not taking kindly to Hillary’s pandering toward them Click Here for Details

ISIS Fake Passports

More threats because of ISIS gaining access to passports Click Here for Story

Establishment Blowhard

billk Bill Kristol says if Trump is GOP candidate a third party could win? Click Here for Details and Video

Why We Lose as A Country

As we get attacked by Islamists we allow Islam to prevent us from stopping attacks with legal process Click Here for Story


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