Thursday December 27, 2018

POTUS in Iraq

President makes surprise visit to troops in Iraq Click Here for Story

Legislature Forbids Local Governments From Creating Needless Licensing Requirements 

More people will be able to freely work across the state

Government as Santa

Russia Goes Hypersonic?

Putin claims to now have hypersonic speed nuclear capability Click Here for Story

This Lame Duck Was Busy

Facing an end of their trifecta, Republicans vote on hundreds of bills

Dems Worry About Diversity?

Top 3 Dem candidates for 2020 are white Click Here for Story

Dow Down then Up

Stock Market roars back for Christmas Eve losses Click Here for Details

Guns Work

Two thieves get accosted by armed customers Click Here for Story

Syria Pullout Not Yet Affecting Airstrikes

US is still leading airstrikes against ISIS in Syria Click Here for Details

Twitter Hates Free (Conservative) Speech

7 Notable conservatives banned by twitter Click Here for Story


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