Thursday December 8, 2016

The Trump Effect

Now US Steel wants to come back to the US Click Here for Story and Video

Dems Ok With Mattis?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats won't oppose a stopgap spending bill over language that would expedite a vote for legislation allowing retired Gen. James Mattis to become secretary of defense. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Won’t fight allowing Mattis as nominee to Secretary of Defense in Stop Gap spending bill Click Here for Story

Michigan Recount

Judge will issue a written opinion Click Here for Story

Infrastructure Funding Principles

  Advocate for high-quality, well-funded roads as a public good that serves taxpayers’ interests. Taxpayers will pay for poor government roads one way or another — through excessive taxes, vehicle repairs or an impeded economy.  … more

Man of the Year

Donald Trump clearly got the last laugh with Time and the mainstream mediaTime awads “Person of the Year” to Trump but makes it a back handed insult? Click Here for Story

Why School Choice is So Valuable

  The head of the public school district in Detroit doesn’t expect academic progress for up to 10 years. It’s a good thing students in the city have other options. … more

Dems Continue to Grow Coastal

Midwest Democrats lose out on leadership in House Minority positions Click Here for Details

Trump’s DHS Pick

Marine General John Kelly Click Here for Story

Midwest Blizzard

Snow and Cold records Click Here for Details

GOP Demands Details from Obama on Refugee Deal

 Australia rejected 2400 refugees but the US is taking them Click Here for Story

Stopping H-2B

ryanRyan and other GOP back down on visas Click Here for Story

 Withholding Tax Payments?

© Sandy HuffakerTimes reporter suggests Democrats shouldn’t pay taxes because of election Click Here for Details


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