Thursday February 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Trump Economy

Image result for trump smiling  Most Americans say they are better off now than 3 years ago Click Here for Story

Freedom of Speech?

Students sue Saline schools over punishment Click Here for Details

State Says Schools Must Provide Classroom Supplies

Michigan Constitution requires school districts to pay, not teachers

Virginia Continues Assault on 2nd Amendment

Gun related bans passing Click Here for Details

Taking Michigan’s Literacy Challenge Seriously

Tackling teacher prep, social promotion key to helping kids learn

House Dems Continue the Nonsense

Image result for adam schiff, pelosi and nadler House GOP members boycott more investigative abuse by Democrats Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Trying to Hide His Racist Comments?

Stopped video footage of Aspen event Click Here for Story

Anti-Semitism Is Strong with Dems

Jew thrown out of peace event after calling out Rep Rashida Tlaib’s anti-Semite comments Click Here for Details and Video

Data and Facts Beat Polls

Incumbent Trump numbers way ahead of previous Presidents in NH primary Click Here for Story

Say It Ain’t So Bilbo!

 Tolkein Trust is funding terrorism? Click Here for Story

Just Starting

Expert: Coronavirus Outbreak 'Just Beginning' Outside China Coronavirus is really just starting? Click Here for Details

Canadians Have given Up?

Displaying a deep pathology, most Canadians applaud a convicted murderer and Islamic terrorist whose family belongs to Al-QaedaStanding Ovation for an Islamic murderer is gravely disturbing trend for Canada’s survival Click Here for Story


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