Thursday February 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bloomberg Beat Down

Dem debate batters Bloomberg in first appearance Click Here for Details and Video

More Talk, Less Action for Troubled School Districts?

Whitmer’s budget encourages creation of more committees

Michigan Officials Skeptical of Controversial Drug Rationing Program

Who decides what another year of life is worth to a person?

Russia Bans Chinese Visitors

Russia Bans Chinese Citizens From Entry Coronavirus is stopping entry to Russia Click Here for Details

Exaggerator Pete?

Buttigieg caught exaggerating his African American support…again Click Here for Details

Spurning Bloomberg

Even Democrats don’t like Bloomberg? Click Here for Details

Who Can Take Alabama

Trump support needed to get Alabama Senate seat Click Here for Details

What’s Up with That?

China IS deploying incinerators to Wuhan Click Here for Story

Not Ready?

 Is the US public not ready for a gay President or not ready for a gay Democrat President? Click Here for Details

#WalkAway Continues

Rod Blagojevich (Paul Beaty / Associated Press)Blagojevich is another Democrat moving to Trump Click Here for Story

Open Traitors

Democrats meeting with Iran secretly Click Here for Details

Russia Our Worst Enemy?

Not according to the people of Russia Click Here for Story

Democrat Devastation

Would a Bernie nominee end the Democrat party? Click Here for Details and Video



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