Thursday February 25, 2015


Scrap The Gun Boards?

Michigan House approves plan to change CPL process Click Here for Details

CBS ‘Battle Creek’ Show Misses City’s Real Police Drama

   By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Battle Creek is paying $2.5 million more than nine years ago for police and fire pensions. … more

State’s Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

  By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Making transparency a precondition for receiving tax credits from the state is apparently a foreign concept at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which is the state’s corporate welfare arm. … more

GOP Senate Goes Gutless

Photo - The Senate has voted to begin debate on a $40 billion Homeland Security funding bill, ending weeks of gridlock over the measure. (AP Photo)   Bends to will of Democrats who want illegals to take your jobs Click Here for Details

How Will House React to Senate’s Cowardice?

House GOP bashes McConnell; Boehner mum on next steps    Conservatives won’t be buying it Click Here for Story and Video

ISIS Recruits Arrested

3 men caught trying to join ISIS Click Here for Details

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

By Michael Goodell

In a surprising policy shift, the White House spent last weekend talking up terrorism. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson turned to CNN to warn Americans that terrorists want to blow up their malls. In terms eerily similar to vice president Joe Biden’s Swine Flu counsel, Johnson said, “If anyone is planning to go to the Mall of…Click Here for More

There Will be Consequences

Gowdy Goes Off Again — and Here's the VidTrey Gowdy warns Democrats that supporting Obama’s un-Constitutional exec actions on Immigration will come back to haunt them Click Here for Story

Obama Decimating the Military

Country at its weakest Click Here for Story and Video

FCC Gives Finger to Congress

   Refuses to testify before they take over the internet Click Here for Details

 Iran Practices Attack on US Ships

   While Obama negotiates for Iran to get nuclear bomb they practice destroying US ships Click Here for Story

Failure to Fund DHS: The Facts

Steny Hoyer  200,000 of 230,000 DHS employees will still go to work Click Here for Details

 Amnesty Immigrants Could Get Up to $35,000

AP Photo  First year benefits are a windfall for illegals but not you Click Here for Story and Video

Wooly Rhino Discovered in Siberia

Remains of the baby woolly rhino (Image from  The frozen carcass of a baby wooly rhinoceros uncovered in Siberian permafrost Click Here for Details



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