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Happy Birthday Margaret!!

Avoid Exposure

US Troops in South Korea curtail activities after US soldier gets Covid-19 Click Here for Story

Dem Debate Results

Who won who lost? Click Here for Story  and Here for More info

Union Tribunals’ $10,000 Hit On Electrician Brings Federal Labor Lawsuit

Former union contractor now working for wife’s nonunion shop — and she was also threatened

Think for Yourself and Walk Away from Stupidity?

Lesbian hits “woke” folks hard Click Here for Story and Video

Wisely Prepping?

Ford Motor Company tightening its belt in prevention steps? Click Here for Story


Bernie says China does more to lift people out of poverty Click Here for Details

Fast Track

Doctor Paul McKay, who is working on an vaccine for the 2019-nCoV strain of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19,, poses for a photograph using a microscope to look at bacteria containing coronavirus, Covid-19, DNA fragments, in a research lab at Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM) in London on February 10, … Feds and drug makers move fast for coronavirus vaccine Click Here for Story

Who Really Killed Malcom X?

Netflix not answering the question ? Click Here for Details


Bloomberg says China’s President is not a dictator? Click Here for Story and Video

Worth Reading Again

Coronavirus is a bio-weapon? Click Here for Details

Biased Media

More MSM exposed by Project Veritas Click Here for Story


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