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Image result for trump smiling  Senate votes down the Democrats partisan impeachment Click Here for Details

Disgusting Democrats

No respect only hate for America Click Here for Details

Normal Folks Liked the SOTU Speech

Positive and upbeat yet Most MSM and Democrats won’t say it Click Here for Details

Unions Praise Governor’s Modest School Funding Hike, Rebuked GOP Predecessor’s Much Larger One

5.1% GOP increase got union ‘tsk tsks,’ a 2.3% Dem hike applauded

Residents Question Replacing Michigan Farmland With Miles Of Solar Cells

Hundreds of wind turbines also changing character of rural communities

Impact on the Senate

What will sham impeachment trial do to the Senate? Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Private payroll increases show the facts support POTUS speech Click Here for Story

Thank You Rush

 POTUS awards Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom Click Here for Details

Trump Is the One Helping The African American Community

Van Jones on CNN, 10/15/2019Even liberal Van Jones sees the truth Click Here for Details

What They have in Common

Islam and Nazism are very similar ? Click Here for Story

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