Thursday February 7, 2019

  Well Received…

Three-quarters approve of Trump speech: polls75% of Americans approved of President’s SOTU speech Click Here for Detais

Pathetic Press

Well delivered and quality SOTU speech leaves little for the press to pick at Click Here for Details

Full Video of 2019 State of the Union

Click Here for Video

The Free-market Case for a Clean Slate

Clean-slate laws help people reintegrate into the workforce

Will Your Furnace Turn On When Utilities Abandon Gas And Coal?

Polar vortex exposes risk with all-renewables approach to energy

Childish Democrats

Who refuse to attend the State of the Union? Click Here for Details

Tactical Move?

Image: Migrants wait in line to get into buses during their journey towards the United States, in SaltilloPentagon shuffling troops to meet caravans at border Click Here for Story

Life Matters

  Sen Schumer and Democrats support killing of babies Click Here for Details

Democrats Love Socialism

But are afraid to embrace it in front of the cameras? Click Here for Story and Video


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