Thursday January 21, 2016

No Loyalty?

Netflix will hit loyal customers with price increase Click Here for Details

How the Flint Water Story Was Uncovered

The Flint water debacle has mushroomed into a national story. Unwrapping how it happened that Flint residents were drinking poisoned water has not been an easy task for Michigan reporters and news organizations. They have repeatedly highlighted public officials’ misstatements and attempts to cover up the crisis. … more

Statewide Ridesharing Regulations

A limousine company based out of Dearborn Heights is suing Uber for failing to abide by Michigan’s 25-year-old Limousine Transportation Act. At first glance, the lawsuit seems like an attempt to take down a competitor: The same limousine company filing the lawsuit recently had its operating license revoked by the state for failure to comply with the same regulations it’s now accusing Uber of not complying with.  … more

Harry Reid and the Dems Look to Endanger US Again 

Will halt refugee bill that impose tougher vetting of incoming Muslims Click Here for Details and Videos

Visa Overstays

Now over 500,000 have stayed past their visa dates, who and where are they? Click Here for Story

Questioning 13 hours? Don’t.

Director says movie just shows the facts Click Here for Story

Eric Holder Supplied El Chapo?

One of AG Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious guns found in El Chapo hideout Click Here for Details


Political Correctness is destroying America Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat


World Finances in Trouble?

Burning euro notesStocks diving along with oil can this signal a terrible financial crisis? Click Here for Story

Will SCOTUS Let 4 Million Illegals Stay

  Court decision will impact economy, jobs and the future of immigration Click Here for Details

Uh Oh

Lena-Dunham-InstagramEven Hillary supporter liberal Lena Dunham is concerned about Bill Clinton Click Here for Story

Rick Wilson: Racist Idiot

7a3crick-wilson  A shining example of how the GOP establishment and their consultants feel about US voters Click Here for Details and Video

Russia is All In

Will continue attacks against ISIS until they are annihilated Click Here for Story

Hillary Can’t Avoid Indictment

Rudy Giuliani says there is too much proof to NOT indict Hillary on emails Click Here for Details and Video

Laugh of the Day: Camel Urine Shop Shut Down?

Mark Steyn Hilarious Riff on News the Saudis Shut Down a Camel Urine Shop link by Pgh Expat

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