Thursday January 24, 2013

Pipeline Work Will Close Roads

Temporary Road closures as Enbridge works pipeline Click Here for Details

Brighton Still at Odds with Property Owners

Couple asking for State help in dispute Click Here for Story

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential
In The Detroit News, Daniel Howes argued that the state needs to spend more money on higher education. That will lead to more state economic growth, he argued.There have been plenty of other states that have bought this… Click Here for More

Professor in Name Only… Moron in Common Sense

MSU economics professor shows his ignorance and bias Click Here for Details

Clinton Leaves More More Questions than Answers

Hostility is the word of the day in Hillary Clinton Testimony Click Here for Story

Simple mistakes make all the difference

Travis Flores, Columnist

On January 24th I was driving home from my friends house. They’d all gone to sleep and I decided I’d rather sleep in my own bed so I decided to drive home about 3. I was only a few miles from my house before I noticed that the shape of the car in front of me looked a little strange. When the red and blue lights flicked…Click Here for More

Hitting the Nail

Sen. Rand Paul calls Hillary out on her performance on Benghazi Click Here for Details

Dems Playing Politics…Big Time

Obama goal is not to help country but to eliminate the opposition? Click Here for Story

China Giveaway

China to buy high tech US Company…and its secrets? Click Here for Details

The New Apocalypse?

Anti-biotic resistant germs Click Here for Story



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