Thursday January 28, 2016

Crisis Whores: Another Fed Failure Means More Legislation?

Senators Stabenow and Peters think more legislation will help an EPA with bad priorities and an inability to check our water?  Click Here for Details

Senate Acts, House Dallies on Pension Spiking and Union Release Time Bills

Two Senate-passed bills now pending in the Michigan House have been dubbed “the Steve Cook legislation,” a reference to a pension spiking scheme involving the head of the state’s largest teachers union. One of the bills would ban the practice, and the other would shut down a different scheme that has union officials doing union work at taxpayer expense in public sector workplaces. … more

Whistleblowers Allege Police Pension Spiking Scheme

According to two retired city of Ann Arbor employees, some police officers nearing retirement engaged in a pension spiking scheme that involves writing more traffic tickets than usual. The scheme could add hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime pension benefits for these individuals, and millions in additional taxpayer burdens. … more

What’s Hillary’s Biggest Problem?

Criminal email server issues or Bernie Sanders Click Here for Details and Video

Fox News Tries to Spin Their Loss of Trump

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Ridiculous is the response from Fox News Click Here for Story

FBI Demands Protest End

Shooting event lead to death of Bundy protestor Click Here for Details

Europe is Waking Up?

Jan. 25, 2016: A forensic police officer carries a box of evidence following a search in front of a refugee center in Molndal outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Outrage as Swedish social worker is stabbed to death by refugee Click Here for Story


Scarborough: 'I'd rather set myself on fire' than attend debate with Megyn Kelly  Joe Scarborough says he’s rather set myself on fire than work with Megyn Kelly Click Here for Details and Video

Reagan Also Skipped Iowa Debate

Is Trump following Reagan’s path? Click Here for Story and Video

Pope Surrenders to Islam?

  Vatican covers up artwork (nude statues) for visit of Islamic Imam Click Here for Details

Moving Fast

© Jim Young Zika virus makes it to Europe Click Here for Story

More to The Story

Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier Megyn Kelly is gunning for Trump Click Here for Story

Fox May Fold to Trump?

TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images Back door calls to get Trump to Debate Click Here for Details

Dirty Steyer?

Tom Steyer  Billionaire doing dirty deals to discredit the critics of EPA? Click Here for Story

PC Gone too Far

Danish woman fined for protecting herself from rapist with pepper spray Click Here for Details



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