Thursday January 3, 2018

Worthless Mitt

Utah’s new Senator goes back to his global elitist ways Click Here for Story

False ‘School Funding Cut’ Claim Must Be Useful 

But pesky state spending data keep getting in the way

POTUS to Romney: Be A Team Player

President Trump responds to Mitt Romney’s latest derogatory remarks Click Here for Story

Large Capacity Magazine Ban

New Jersey finds it’s new ban isn’t going so well Click Here for Details

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jill AbramsonFormer New York Times editor says the bias against Trump is clear and present Click Here for Story

The Next Caravan Cometh

As Democrats bury their heads the border is in the cross hairs Click Here for Details

The Wall IS Needed

Border “wall” is an essential part of border security Click Here for Story

Stop Being So Glum?

Wall Street Guru says we could have a really good 2019? Click Here for Details




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