Thursday January 31, 2019

With Shutdown Over, Gridlock Begins

Did losing the shutdown mean nothing will get done? Click Here for Details

How Your Government REALLY is Failing You

Enemies of America are developing EMP bombs and your Congress does nothing to secure America’s infrastructure Click Here for Story ( link contributed by Ed Bonderenka)

Record Cold for Michigan

Polar temperatures…what happened to global warming? Click Here for Story

Taxing the Poor to Pay for Your Electric Car

Push for EV charging infrastructure is a wealth transfer from ratepayers to wealthy EV owners

What Democrats Fear

Schultz knows the Democrat party weakness Click Here for Story and Video

School Budgets Caught A Cold In 2000s, But Michigan Taxpayers Suffered Economic Pneumonia

Spending advocates’ budget comparisons ignore how Michigan’s ‘lost decade’ crushed taxpayers

What Did You Do Michigan?

Image result for rashida tlaib  New Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib has deep ties to Anti-Semitism Click Here for Story

Congressional Fail?

If no wall funding Congress is wasting its time Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Mind altering parasite spread by cats to humans? Click Here for Story

Gutless Republicans

Once again the GOP bows to Democrats Click Here for Details

Democrats Will Sue to Keep You at Risk

Will bring lawsuit to stop from building a barrier at the border Click Here for Story



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