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Image result for trump POTUS says Iran is standing down after their missile attack Click Here for Story

Pelosi Shows She Is Anti-American

Image result for nancy pelosi Hating POTUS more than loving America is the disgrace of the Democrats Click Here for Details

Water Bottler A Drop In The Trillions Of Gallons That Fall On Michigan

State appears awash in water

Democrat Fail

Impeachment stall tactics failed and even MSM is talking about it Click Here for Story

No Haggling

McConnell says no more haggling on Impeachment rules Click Here for Details and Video

Plane Crashes in Iran

Image result for iran ukraine plane crash What caused the mysterious Ukrainian passenger plane crash? Click Here for Details

Puerto Rico Earthquakes

More bad news for Puerto Rico Click Here for Story

Democrat Treason

(Getty Images/Mark Wilson) These Democrat Representatives need to be jailed for Treason Click Here for Details

From Obama With Love…

Money Barack Obama gave Iran pays for attacks on the US Click Here for Details and Video


How Democrats are betraying America Click Here for Story

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