Thursday July 11, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Clinton Epstein Connection

Image result for clinton epstein  Ex-President flew with Jeffrey Epstein Click Here for Story

Report: Michigan Police Kept $15 Million Taken Mostly From ‘Little Guys’ In 2018

‘Police do use it to raise revenue

Crazy Democrats Don’t Want You Protected

AOC says lets get rid of the Dept of Homeland Security Click Here for Details

Acosta Under Fire

Labor Secretary pressured to resign over Epstein case Click Here for Details

Iran Attack Fails

Iranian boas try to seize British tanker Click Here for Story

Democrats Out of Touch

Try to boycott Home Depot even though its founder retired in 2002 Click Here for Details

GOP Fundraising…

Is looking good! Click Here for Story

Stolen Victimhood?

 Kamala Harris is trying hard to be a victim for votes Click Here for Details

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