Thursday July 12, 2018

Contempt of Congress

Lisa Page ignores Congressional Subpoena Click Here for Story

Teachers Union On Supreme Court Janus Ruling: ‘Women And Minorities Hardest Hit’

 The president of the American Federation of Teachers implied that the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is sexist and racist for not targeting police and firefighters in a campaign to educate public employees about their newly recognized right to opt out of paying dues and fees to a union. … more

No Charge, No Conviction — But 956 People Still Lose Stuff To Cops

In Michigan last year, 956 people who were never charged with or convicted of a crime nevertheless lost property to law enforcement and other agencies, based on suspicions that the property may have been connected to an alleged crime. … more

China Hiding

China issues restrictions to its state media over US trade war coverageChinese government issues warnings to state media Click Here for Details

Hold NATO Accountable

Time for the US to stop subsidizing our allies? CLick Here for Story

Oldest Tools Discovered

New evolutionary history? Click Here for Story


 Comedy abuses US Veterans Click Here for Details

Obama Team Freaking

Trump standing up for US is freaking out the liberals used to apologizing for America Click Here for Story

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