Thursday July 27, 2017

Will Michigan Get Foxconn?

Apple builder might be picking Michigan site Click Here for Details

Wasserman-Shcultz Should Testify

Criminal IT workers were on DNC payroll Click Here for Story

Want More Substitute Teachers? Pay Them More

 University of Michigan economist Don Grimes has a simple solution to the substitute teacher shortage: Pay them more. … more

‘Trough Truce’ on Display in Latest Debate on Corporate Welfare

  Lawmakers agreed on July 12 to deliver $200 million of taxpayer dollars to businesses selected by politicians, an idea the governor is expected to sign into law.  … more

Transgender Ban in Military

If you don’t know what you are should you be on the battlefield? Click Here for Story and Video

Foxconn In Wisconsin?

LCD screens to be built in Wisconsin Click Here for Story

Disgraceful Republicans

These 6 GOP senators now vote against Obamacare repeal after voting for it before, why? Click Here for Details

Sessions Needs to Step Up

White House just wants AG to investigate, crack down on crime and enforce laws Click Here for Story

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