Thursday July 5, 2018

Lawless FBI

Strzok may ignore subpoena from Congress Click Here for Story and Video

Happy Fourth of July!

 Michigan Capitol Confidential wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July. … more

Another MBDP Jobs Subsidy Project Doesn’t Work

In a previous blog post, I have highlighted companies that received subsidies from the Michigan Business Development Program and then later filed for bankruptcy. The taxpayer dollars lost by state officials in those deals will likely never be paid back. … more

10 Worst Things about America

Politicians top the list Click Here for Story

Selfish Liberals

Police apprehend woman who attempted to scale Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty shut down on 4th of July by liberal activists Click Here for Details

Step Up

POTUS will tell NATO to step up we are’nt picking up your bills anymore? Click Here for Story

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