Thursday June 1, 2017

Subpoenas All Around

The other four subpoenas were only described as being Congress hits both sides with subpoenas in Russian Collusion and Unmasking investigation Click Here for Story

Pathetic Media

Media and Internet crazed over Trump twitter typo Click Here for Details

Leakers Are Traitors

Clinton era CIA director calls Trump leakers traitors to America Click Here for Story and Video

$94K Teacher Complains Salary ‘Stagnant’ at the Top

  A teacher complained that he hasn’t received a raise in 10 years in an article in the Detroit Free Press. The article didn’t say he made $94,000 a year or that the teacher was on the negotiating team that agreed to that union contract. … more

Exactly Where in the Constitution?

7th Circuit Court says there is a Constitutional right to choosing your bathroom? Click Here for Story

Done With Paris?

IS the US pulling out of Obama climate accord? Click Here for Details

Ignoring the Destruction of a Country

Media ignores death spiral of Venezuela’s socialist policies Click Here for Story

This IS Islam

Turkey acquits two brothers for honor killing their sister Click Here for Details

No Transparency in Britain?

Who’s funding Britain's terrorists? ‘Sensitive’ Home Office report may never be publishedHome Office may not report who is funding terrorism Click Here for Story

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