Thursday June 21, 2018

POTUS Orders Families Not to Be Separated

Border crossers won’t be separated while processing occurs Click Here for Details

Students Here Far From ‘All Above Average’ – But Teachers Rated That Way

 According to the public school administrators who are responsible for evaluating individual teacher competence, Michigan’s teachers are of high quality, with hardly any exceptions. … more

Detroit is Becoming Friendlier to Entrepreneurs

In 2013, just prior to filing for bankruptcy, the city of Detroit closed 900 businesses and had a goal of shutting down 20 per week through its “Operation Compliance” program. … more

Disgusting Hollywood

Secret Service notified over actor Peter Fonda’s comments Click Here for Details

Think Trump is Bad? See What Obama Did

Obama admin treated children far worse Click Here for Story

Canadian Legalizing Pot

October means legal marijuana in Canada Click Here for Details

Jack Stupid

Jack DorseyTwitter CEO shared Russian Troll tweets? Click Here for Story

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