Thursday June 5, 2014

Pinckney School Lease: Editorial

Starting a new era of cooperation? Click Here for Editorial

Bill Would Allow Strip Searches for Misdemeanor Crimes; Probable Cause Not Necessary

Supporters say it’s for safer jails; opponents say it’s ‘degrading and unnecessary’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Citing safer jails and a reduction in unnecessary lawsuits, State Sen. Rick Jones introduced legislation that would allow anyone put in jail for a misdemeanor to be strip searched without probable cause. … more

Analysis: Michigan Politicians Misrepresenting Attorney General Position To Push Detroit Bailout

Detroit pensions are city liabilities, not state liabilities

By Derk Wilcox and James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

What the Attorney General argues is that regardless of what the bankruptcy court does, Detroit has to pay the pensions in full. It is Detroit, rather than the state, that is obliged to make these payments. … more

Outright Lie?

Why would the Obama Admin say Bergdahl served with disticntion when he was a deserter? Click Here for Details

Can Google Beat the NSA?

Reuters/Francois Lenoir Will new email encryption ensure privacy from the NSA? Click Here for Details

Was Bergdahl More Than a Deserter?

His Team Lader reveals disturbing information from the night he walked away Click Here for Details

Obamacare Driving Up Rates

  More states reporting double digit increases Click Here for Story

What Does Qatar Get in Prisoner Swap?

State Dept quiet on deal that seems to let terrorist walk away free and clear Click Here for Details

White House Apology

  White House victory turns into yet another scandal and the apologies begin? Click Here for Story

The Highest Price

Hunt for Bergdahl cost US military lives Click Here for Details

Taliban Victory

  US swap is great propaganda win for the Taliban Click Here for Story

Your Money …Their Waste

  Public Housing run by people with sordid pasts wssting taxpayer dollars Click Here for Details



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