Thursday June 6, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Border Posers

More illegals fraudulently posing as families Click Here for Details

2018 School Pension Underfunding Expense Enough To Fix The Roads

Decades of officials shortchanging pensions cost taxpayers $2.1 billion last year

Mitch Albom is Wrong About Michigan Auto Insurance Changes

The current system is only great if you count the benefits and ignore the costs

The No Border Dems

House passes amnesty bill with no funding for border security? Click Here for Story

Will Mexico Do the Right Thing

Mexican delegation meets with Admin to try and avoid new tariffs over illegal immigration Click Here for Story

Fake News Epidemic

MSM has the American Public worried with fake news Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

Feds spending tax dollars on diapers for illegals Click Here for Story

Spot On

POTUS calls the climate scam what it is Click Here for Details

The Border Crisis

The numbers at the border are staggering and should not be ignored by Congress Click Here for Details and Video

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