Thursday March 21, 2019

Country Before Party

Dem Congresswoman bucks the party line to work with Republican lawmakers Click Here for Details

Clean Water Can Be Expensive

Ann Arbor spends big on PFAS issue Click Here for Story

Sheriff’s Wrist-Slap For Illegal Electioneering Irks Council Member

Deputies were sent to public meetings with ‘VOTE YES’ pro-tax hike messages

Protecting SCOTUS

Senator Rubio seeks to stop Democrats from packing the Supreme Court Click Here for Details

Get It Done

Senate GOP ready to use nuclear option to fill appointments Click Here for Story

Border Crisis Deepens

Border PatrolDetention Centers full illegals being released into the US Click Here for Details

Mueller Probe Ending…Again?

Yet again rumors swirl about the probe coming to an end Click Here for Story

Electoral College Protects the Flyover Country

Without it only the big cities and coasts votes matter Click Here for Details



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