Thursday March 22, 2018

Who Is The Newest Leaker?

john kelly h.r. mcmaster Someone on the White House National Security Team? Click Here for Story

Austin  Bomber Dead

Here’s how police tracked down the Austin bombing suspect before he blew himself up How police tracked him down Click Here for Details      Click Here for More Info

Want Money For Roads? Take It from This Failing Program

    Michigan lawmakers are in the midst of putting together the state’s budget for the next fiscal year. There is a push to put more money into roads and infrastructure. But one easy place to cut and shift the funding is the Michigan Business Development Program. … more

Number of State Employees Down, Amount of State Payroll Up

 While the number of full-time employees working for the state of Michigan increased slightly in 2017, the rise was a blip on a long-term trend of fewer people working directly for the state.  … more

White House Backs Budget

Spending bill gets approval of Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Why We Need an Ambassador to Germany

Dems obstructing appointment is hurting world relations Click Here for Details

Chicken Little?

Marco Rubio “Out There?” on election interference Click Here for Story

Troubles for Facebook

Not just in America but across the globe Click Here for Details

The Latest on Brexit

Are citizens rights not being protected? Click Here for Story

Super Volcano?

Is a magma plume a precursor for a North American volcano disaster? Click Here for Details

Vaccinate Kids

Boys as well as girls should get the HPV vaccine? Click Here for Details

Anti-Immigration Gaining Steam in Europe?

New Euro alignments could slow mass immigration? Click Here for Story

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