Thursday March 5, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bloomberg Drops Out

Image result for bloomberg Super Tuesday eliminate Bloomberg Click Here for Details

US Oil Boom Happened Despite Obama, Not Because Of Him

AP ‘fact check’ lacks context

When Will Lizzie Drop?

Warren campaign re-evaluating Click Here for Story

Higher Education Subsidies Do Not Produce Better Educational or Economic Results

Nevertheless, some lawmakers are pushing for more

Dem Establishment Coalesces Around Biden

IS this the stop Bernie movement? Click Here for Story

Is Joe All There?

Is it fair to question Biden’s competence? Click Here for Details

Two Coronas?

Two strains are spreading Click Here for Story

Extreme Left Getting More Violent?

Even liberals like Joe Biden are being assaulted Click Here for Details

Open Borders Joe

Democratic presidential hopeful Former Vice President Joe Biden (Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)Biden promises illegals pathway to citizenship Click Here for Story and Video

Congress Ignoring Another Big Problem

Dozens of prescription medicine bottles in a jumble. This collection of pill bottles is symbolic of the many medications senior adults and chronically ill people take.Dependence on foreign drugs is a huge liability for America Click Here for Details

The Enemy Inside

 Islam is infiltrating the Democrat party and America Click Here for Story

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