Thursday May 10, 2018

North Korea Releases 3 Americans

Trump Admin praises gesture of good will Click Here for Story and Video

Washtenaw Election Results

Unofficial results for Washtenaw County elections Click Here for Details

Overtime In Final Years Will Spike Ann Arbor Cop’s Lifetime Pension Payout

 One Ann Arbor police detective with 31 years of experience would collect an annual pension of $126,000 if he retired this year, according to the city of Ann Arbor. … more

City Denies Alcohol License to Restaurant it Doesn’t Like

 A city in Michigan is denying an alcohol license to a restaurant, apparently because government officials don’t like the style of service and type of food offered there. … more

Socialism ; Who Pays for All That Stuff?

Well of course you know….Click Here for Story

1600 Arrested at Border

National Guard is helping arrest illegal border crossers Click Here for Details

No More Waterboarding

 CIA Nominee says no to re-establishment of waterboarding Click Here for Story

Never Trump Hypocrites

Collage of John Kasich and Jeff FlakeLeaving Iran deal leaves Never Trumpers looking stupid Click Here for Details

Iran Attacks Israel?

Rockets fired into Israel by Iranian forces in Syria? Click Here for Story

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