Thursday May 16, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Alabama’s Huge Pro-Life Move

Bans all abortions after heartbeat detected Click Here for Details

Dems Playing More Politics

Steny Hoyer prevents Republican from testifying on climate change? Click Here for Story

Communities Again Say ‘No’ To Industrial Wind Farm Developers

But state’s big utilities look to install hundreds of turbine towers

On Road Funding, Voters May Not Be As Dumb As You Think

Bridge Magazine op-ed only considers tax hike option for more road funding


US Soccer Team Captain vows not to sing the National Anthem Click Here for Story

The Durham Curve?

AG Barr’s appointment of Special Counsel John Durham has Dems scared? Click Here for Details

And They Should Be Scared…

Ex-DOJ official says this new investigation is big Click Here for Details

MSM Hoaxes

What fake news  is the mainstream media promoting now Click Here for Story

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